Inform you to get ipad2 free

Get iPad2 free

Good morning all my friend .. opportunity this time we will share how to obtain free IPAD APPLE. For those who do not know what it is Apple Ipad, here is give a little review about the most popular gadgets in Europe and America and even the world.

Ipad is the output of Apple gadgets today’s most sophisticated, with prices around Singapore $668, you can get this Apple Ipad with features – features of a tablet PC or mobile computer in your hands. Hmmm .. interesting is not it ..? to see more details Ipad features can be directly viewed on Apple’s official website.

Okay .. how do I get Apple continues Ipad worth Singapore $668 of this for free? Here’s how .. Hurry tricks and trick list because it is only valid until July 14, 2011

1. Visit this page

2. Register yourself by filling in the correct and complete data on a blank form, for more details, see the following picture:

Fill your data in the blank form / marked *

3. You will receive your password via email or sms on your cell phone

4. Please login using the username and password

5. Click the “Ipad Promo” which is on the left sidebar menu page

6. There will be a  guide how you get a gift for Apple Ipad with free.

Fugitive list since the program is only valid until July 14, 2011 just .. the quicker you list the better chance you …

Good luck to obtain a free Ipad and hopefully this info is useful .. 🙂


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